Maybe your marketing message doesn’t seem to be landing as well as it did in the past. Or is your business is a little stagnant because of an inconsistent marketing strategy? Whether you’ve been in business for 3 months or 30 years, there is always room for improvement when it comes to your marketing.

Marketing for some business owners is a challenge because of time, budget, and knowledge constraints. But marketing is an essential component to growing your business and to keep new customers coming through the doors.

In this episode, we reveal marketing tips to optimise your small business marketing strategy and keep your business growing.

– What do most business owners do wrong with their marketing that takes away their time and money
– What to do when your marketing and sales are not going well in your business
– How to create your X-factor so you stand out in the crowd
– How to become the business that customers want to buy from


00:07:13 – Marketing – Why do so many businesses get it wrong?
00:08:51 – When your marketing and sales are not going well in your business
00:09:15 – Create your X-Factor & stand out from the crowd
00:10:16 – What’s your resonating message?
00:11:03 – Become the business that customers want to buy from
00:12:20 – Extend your reach and brand online
00:13:17 – You know what your real customer wants. You’re no longer guessing
00:13:43 – 2 Marketing secrets to help you convert more
00:15:20 – Create a revenue-generating marketing plan offline and online
00:17:58 – What are you going to do to make money in your business?e



Intro – Welcome to the BBQ, Bourbon and Business Podcast Show. Smokin’ hot, full proof life and business strategies made fun. Learn to make time your friend and build a business while enjoying the things you love. No bollocks just straight to the core advice from the real world. Please join your hosts Luke and Helena.

H – Hello everyone and welcome to the barbecue bourbon and business podcast show. My name is Helena and joining me today is my very good friend and business partner Luke. Hi, Luke.

L – Welcome everyone. Great to have you here.

H – This podcast is for business owners who want to stop being slaves to their business. Who want to take their lives back and time and build a valuable and efficient business. So that one day when the time comes, they can cash out for maximum profit.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be putting all this blood sweat and tears into your business for the next 10 years and then end up with nothing to show for it at the end.

So in between sharing some of our favourite barbecue, backyard barbecue tips and sipping on some fine bourbon. We are untangling the common misconception that hustle and hard work is all it takes to build a successful and valuable business.

Through each episode, we share practical no-nonsense business strategies to help you stop trading time for money, turn your business into a valuable asset and build a smart business engine that gives you the freedom to enjoy the things that you love.

Things like sipping on good bourbon and a low and slow barbecue with family and friends.

I’ve already had way too much bourbon I’m stuttering.

L – You’re hammering it!

H – So, in the last episode, we discussed how to optimise your sales process and if you haven’t had an opportunity to listen to it, I highly encourage you to do so.

In this episode, we are discussing the next logical step in building a smart business.
We will be focusing on optimising your marketing, which is the one everyone gets so excited about.

Now marketing either strikes a fear in the heart of business owners because they just don’t know where to start. Others find it easy to manage but can’t work out why they aren’t getting their leads or converting those leads into paying customers. While others just don’t give a rat’s ass about it and think it’s a waste of time and a waste of money.

So, in this episode, we are going to discuss why your marketing process is so important for your business and how to get it right.

How to get the best return on investment for your marketing dollars and how to make the whole process much easier.

But before we begin, let’s do our favourite part of the night and pour ourselves a drink.
I’ve already got one. Luke’s pouring himself Jim Beam Devil’s Cup, which is our bourbon of the month.

We have a bourbon of the month every month. I’m just gonna take a sip of mine.

L – Yeah, if you listened to last episode you’re on you’ll hear why my wife calls it Devil’s juice. It’s banned from my house and I’m sipping it illegally in my office.

H – It’s monster juice that gets Luke into a lot of mischief. So Luke, I wanted to ask you before we begin, I am I was wondering what is your favourite barbecue tool to use? Because I don’t use a lot of them, but I feel like there will be ones out there that are going to make my process a lot easier.

L – I think the number one tool that anyone who does proper barbecuing would be a thermal pen or a temperature gauge. I use a thermal pen it’s an instant probe reader.

So, if you get the temperature probes like the temperature readers, the cheap ones, when you stick them into the meat they have a real slow reaction time. Which is fine when you’re cooking a whole pig and you can wait you know, but if you’re cooking a beautiful piece of fillet or an expensive piece of steak, you don’t want it to take long.

You got hot flames and you can’t wait 25 seconds for the cheap temperature gauges to read because they could be you go from a beautiful grey or medium grey to overcooked. So, what a thermal pen does, it’s instant. When I say instant, I mean as soon as that little sensor probe touches the temperature inside the meat it gives you a reading.

Now that’s critical, particularly cooking chickens and things like that. You want to make sure you’re not guessing that kind of stuff when you are serving people food, or you are burning steaks. So, for those kinds of things are thermal pens are probably my number one tool.

H – Since we’ve started this podcast, I’ve tried to start barbecuing more on the weber, but I feel like I should be making my process a lot easier. And oh my goodness chicken scares me. I’m always scared that I was going to make somebody sick and overcooked steak. Blah.

Um, what we might do is I’ll put a link below for some of Luke’s favourite tools. So, you can all check them out. If there are any other ones that you would suggest for me to use, I’d really appreciate the tips and like just starting out.

So, in between discussing all of these steps to building a successful business, we do discuss barbecue tips and bourbon. If there are any bourbons that you guys want us to try out next, just let us know hop on to the barbecue bourbon and business podcast show. We’d love to hear your recommendations. We’d love to have a drink with you and share this time together.

So, as I said, in the last episode, we discussed the sales process, which was step three. And now step four is optimising your marketing. So, Luke, there’s a really specific reason why we leave sales, and especially marketing till this very middle part until we’ve done those first couple of steps.

L – Yeah, there’s a reason. What we are discussing here is the seven steps of how you build a smart business engine. How you make your business efficient and systemise it. How you can stop trading money. How do you put value in your business sot that one day, you know, when you’ve had enough, you can sell it for its maximum value. So, after putting all of that energy into it you don’t just walk away with a fraction of the price it’s worth.

But you got to put steps in place, you’ve got to make it available for sale. And part of that process is building a business engine to the business is not so reliant on you as the owner.

The process of systemising your leads, who’s buying from you, is what we discussed in the first few steps. You want to basically what I call the fastest route to the cash. This is what you call optimising your business.

And the first thing is that step two, after mindset, is optimising your niche. Who buys from you the quickest and the easiest?

Then step three is your sales. What do people want to buy from you the quickest and easiest? Then you optimise your sales process.


(00:07:13 – Marketing – Why so many businesses get it wrong?)

And then we come to today, optimising your marketing which is step four. The first thing people do is “I’m building a website” or “I’m getting a digital marketing agency to put together my Facebook page.”

You can’t do that. Because you haven’t got the first few steps, right. So, I’m going to explain this as we go.

Let me begin with this. When you try to talk to everyone, you connect with no one.

In my very first business, which I’ve alluded to in the episodes before, communicating with families who wanted to buy a computer set up for the home is very, very different to talking to the IT manager of a corporation. These were two core clusters in my niche, my niche was selling computers.

But these clusters or pots, they require very different marketing to be effective. And they’ll both buy very different products or services.

Right. And that is why before we can begin optimising your marketing, we have to do step two, who are you actually selling to the quickest? That’s your niche. And then step three is well, what are you selling these people? Optimising who wants to buy your stuff, the quickest and easiest, and what do they really want to buy from you the quickest and easiest, then you sell it.

(00:08:51 – When your marketing and sales are not going well in your business)

Only then are you ready to market because you know who and what? The marketing is now the how. Usually when sales or marketing is not going well in your business is four things that can be wrong.

1) Your niche
2) You hook
3) Your actual offer
4) Your resonating message. Your resonating message is your marketing.

So, how do we go about optimising your marketing?


(00:09:15 – Create your X-Factor & stand out from the crowd)

Well, the first thing you need to do is create your X-factor. This is the essence of marketing. Your resonating message so that you stand out in the crowd.

Now, if you’re in a red-hot niche where the money is flowing easily and naturally, which is where you want to be, you’re going to have competition. Why? Because the hotter the competition, the more lucrative niches. The money is flowing and businesses go to where the cash is flowing.

If you have no competition, that means that niche is generally a non-lucrative. Because there is no money flowing. There’s a reason there’s no businesses and no competition, nothing’s going on. You’re wasting your time. Does this make sense?

So out of all this competition in your niche, you have to create your X-factor so you stand out and become the business customers want to buy from. Now, this is something you may have heard of before, fine. But this must be the essence of your marketing. This must be the focus of your marketing.


(00:10:16 – What’s your resonating message?)

You can’t build your website without it. What are you building? You can’t build your Facebook campaign, Instagram and YouTube. What are you doing? What message are you telling your audience?

You can optimise your resonating message in the following way.

Firstly, what are your customers deepest pains or problems? Next, what is your customer’s ideal shopping experience? What are their most powerful desires? Thirdly, what our competition doing wrong to make your customers angry or frustrated. And then you simply plug the gaps.


(00:11:03 – Become the business that customers want to buy from)

You know what your customer’s problems or you know what they really want. And you know what competition is doing wrong and how they are letting them down. You plug the gaps and create your X-factor so you stand in the crowd.

You want to become the business that customers want to buy from. Most businesses don’t do this and have no idea about marketing. I don’t know what the hell it is. But they just don’t do this. And this is why their marketing sucks, right?

Most design their marketing campaigns in an office with an advertising team or agency. And that creates something magical. According to them. They don’t consider what the customer really wants, what products they already want. And what makes them angry or frustrated with competitive offers in the market.

They design and think on behalf of their customers. And I promise you they get it wrong.

H – Or, they focus on specific strategies to do a specific thing without looking at an overarching strategy. Like certain strategies of you know, getting followers online or whatever. But without looking at the overall strategies of what’s going on. So yes, having followers on Facebook and Instagram is a nice feeling. But if those people aren’t clicking over and buying, what’s the point? Right?


(00:12:20 – Extend your reach and brand online)

L – Exactly right. What’s the point?

So now once you create your resonating message, you can then integrate and extend your reach and brand online. You can create a highly converting websites and accurate social media and digital marketing strategies to establish yourself as an authority and go-to expert in your niche.

Now, why does this work so well? Because you’ve done all the correct research upfront, in the first few steps. You worked out who your real customers were. Not your ideal customers who never bought anything from you. Right? Who cares about your ideal customers, all you care about is your real customers, the ones who are giving you cash.

And I promise you, in the real world of business, when you start out your big avatar and fancy chart of who your customer, is worlds apart from the person who will end up buying from you and just wants to give you the money.


(00:13:17 – You know what your real customer wants. You’re no longer guessing)

So, you have all this accurate information targeted at these real customers. And so now you can design compelling blogs, subject lines, emails and compelling headlines that convert. You are no longer guessing what headline to use, or what offer to use because you know what the real answer is all that your real customers are searching for.


(00:13:43 – 2 Marketing secrets to help you convert more)

So let me give you two bonus secrets.


1) Make sure your customers clearly understand what you’re selling.

That probably sounds obvious. Actually. It’s not.

Most business owners process and the messaging is crystal clear in their head. But if you sit down and ask your customers what they think you’re talking about they don’t know.

The clearer your message and, the simpler your buying processes, the more customers will buy from you. it’s easy to make a complicated marketing message. It’s difficult to make a simple one.

Because in your mind it’s crystal clear. If I understand it, then why wouldn’t they? What’s wrong with that? Well, they’re the ones giving you money so you should pay attention.


2) Always sell your outcome, never your products and services.

Customers are only concerned with the outcome of what your products and services can do for them. So, does your marketing message communicate this?

Let’s think about selling grass seeds. You say things like, “Comes from a cave in the Himalayas with fresh mountain dew streams. They can stay in isolation for 200 years and blah, blah,” or would you say “It makes green, lush, rolling lawns. That’s what these grass seeds are going to do for you.” It’s the outcome people are concerned about.


(00:15:20 – Create a revenue-generating marketing plan offline and online)

Now the final step in optimising your marketing is creating a revenue-generating marketing plan. Revenue generating is the optimum thing here. And you must do this both online and offline. Just remember offline still exists. We do still have a world outside of the computer screen. People do talk to each other, they really do.

So there should be a marketing plan that should be built offline. And you can do things like joint ventures, leverage the infrastructure of other businesses. Which is very, very powerful.

Networking, you should still network. People still do this. They still talk to each other in the real world. I know we’ve been avalanched my digital marketing, which of course, is critically important. But so is offline. Talking and building relationships offline.

And you should use things like gorilla marketing. It still works in today’s world, a lot of people really, really enjoy it. So things like you can do joint ventures, if you have like a local business in your area, you can hand out flyers. With four other companies.

One of the biggest things I’ve seen was a butcher who opened up a store. And what he did was, he dressed up in a chicken suit and he had a bicycle at a busy intersection. And he rode up and down and across the intersection all day at rush hour with a big sign on the back of his bike. It said “Chicken Wings $4. Fillet Steak Special”

And that’s how he launched his business. A simple thing like that. That’s what you call gorilla marketing.

H – I think gorilla marketing was one of my favourite things we did when we were running the restaurant. We use to pick a really busy intersection and put up a banner, a really nice banner with our resonating message. And we continued to do that until the council sent us a letter that said, stop or we’ll fine you. Then we just picked a different intersection.

L – That’s what gorilla marketing is. We know the council gives us at least two warning letters before they fine us.

H – Yeah, but it worked. It worked. That was like when the customers were coming in. we ask “How did you hear about us?” “Oh, we saw your banner on the highway. Almost crashed my vehicle.”

L – You don’t just have great fancy theories of how all your marketing is going to be done, right? You need to move to execution. That’s what I’m saying you need a marketing plan. And it must be a revenue-generating plan.


(00:17:58 – What are you going to do to make money in your business?)

What are you going to do to make money in your business, and you should have an offline marketing strategy and an online marketing strategy? And even if the two can complement each other even better, right?

Theory and execution of two different skill sets. Execution is what makes the cash and execution is when you get out there and make it happen. That’s a lot more difficult than just being a professor of theory. The way you want to execute it is by having a plan. What are you going to do? This is very, very important.

If you want to make money, your revenue-generating plan must be full of tasks that generate money each day every week. You want to get out of bed in the morning and know in your mind, what activity is your business going to be doing today to generate sales. Things like campaigns, promotions, launches, webinars, networking, trade shows, adverts, etc. You should have this every single day going on in your business.

So let me give you some examples of my own business. In my first business, if you’ve been listening to the podcast you’ve probably heard this over and over again.

I had a computer retail store and the market out there were customers who are trying to buy computers. Buying computers from the competition, who talked and sold in geek, specs and things. Things that customers didn’t understand. Customers were not interested in all this, but rather, what could this computer do for them and their families. They’re looking for certainty, right? Certainty and insurance that they’re making the right choice.

This was their most powerful desire. They also loved to shop on the weekends as a family. They wanted to see a range of options and they want to be assisted and helped to make a decision. Not to be intimidated and misled which was their biggest fears, pains and problems.

And they wanted to take a computer home and use it right away. Okay, today what this is all taken for granted because we have Windows plug and play but those days, we had windows 3.1. No plug and play and you had to go home instal this stuff yourself. Can you imagine the fiasco? There was always a fiasco.

So what we’re competition doing wrong at the time that I came to the market? Well, just the point of this whole podcast, they weren’t listening to the customers, right? The families wanted to shop on weekends, obviously. All competition was open Monday to Friday. They had a very unfriendly and intimidating sales environment.

So, what did I do? I created my resonating message or my X factor based on the steps I’ve spoken about today. Number one, I plugged the gaps right.

So, my resonating became “Atomic computers, your family computer store. )pen seven days a week.” Simple as that. We plastered this x-factor on all our sales and adverts and marketing. We absolutely dominated that niche.

My second example for my second business, which was a distribution business. Now, this business was valued at $3.5 million dollars in three years. And the reason was because of the principles I’m telling you in this podcast.

Now if you ever tried to buy a printer cartridge you know how hard it is to remember the cartridge number. And even worse, the printer model. It’s an absolute nightmare for both customers and the retail staff.

So I came up with the idea of having pictures instead of numbers. So, parrot for an Epson cartridge, strawberry for a Canon cartridge, a pencil for an HP etc. Every cartridge had a particular individual picture. Every cartridge had a unique picture.

So let me break this down. What are my customer’s deepest pains? Well, they couldn’t remember the carriage number or their printer model number. And they will often buy the wrong one and have to go back to the shop and argue with the salesperson about getting a refund.

What were their most powerful desires? Well, they wanted a quick, easy and convenient shopping experience. They just wanted to go and pick a cartridge up. They didn’t want a big drama and story.

What was competition doing wrong? They all had complicated confusing technical numbers on the packaging that no one could remember and often got wrong.

So, I just plugged the gaps to create my resonating message. My resonating message was “Just remember your picture. Buy the right cartridge every time.” As simple as that.

That’s why I say this business was valued at $3.5 million dollars by exactly what I’m telling you in this podcast, particularly this episode.

This is what real marketing is. None of the fluff and rubbish that drives everyone nuts.

Crack your resonating message and I promise you your business will explode.

This process is not very complicated when you break it down like this. The secret is in the sequencing. So, if you want to see the rest of the seven steps in action you can check out the 7 Steps Smart Business Engine Workshop.

It’s an hour and a half. It goes through all the seven steps. I’ve got a real-life case studies of all my businesses, everything to help you. There’s no catches or hooks. I promise you will find it very useful.

H – I just wanted to make an obvious point to a lot of people who might have missed it. Is that I think the biggest part about marketing is not directly competing against your competition. We’ve mentioned this before, you can’t directly compete against your competition. You’re trying to find those gaps that you can plug and then stand out. And that’s a big part of creating a resonating message.

So, if you haven’t listened to the previous two episodes before this one, about creating your resonating message, that’s a big part of your X factor. It’s finding out what your competition is doing wrong and plugging the gaps.

L – Don’t attack your competitor’s strengths. That’s not very smart. If your competitors are doing well, there’s a reason why customers are going to them. It’s not smart to take that on. You want to find what they’re doing wrong. That is your angle to take customers away.

H – And that’s where your marketing starts to flow. And another thing, especially that we see with a lot of business owners is not doing analysis of what they’re doing.

So they’re just going out full throttle, doing all of this posting, or all these blogs, all of this, but not actually understanding what’s working and not. Not stopping to analyse what they’re doing and how they can change and adjust and adapt.

Because it’s not just about doing five posts a week on Facebook and making sure you get an email out every week. It’s making sure you’ve got the right message, and you’re talking to the right people.

That’s why we leave this step till we’ve worked out all of those nuts and bolts from the beginning of the process.

Thank you for joining us, everyone. Hopefully, after listening to the last few episodes, and especially this one, you can now understand why most businesses fail with their marketing. It’s why we don’t talk about marketing or our products until we’ve don’t those first few steps. It’s crucial to get those first few steps right before even thinking about your marketing. So, if you don’t have that workout, you’re simply just wasting your time and putting money down the drain.

In the next episode, we are going to be cranking it up a little bit and starting our next step for this seven steps of creating a smart business engine that does the work for you.

We are going to be talking about step five, which is optimising your efficiency and your quality of life. Because that’s what it’s all about. We show you practical steps to optimise your business efficiency, stop trading time for money, and restructure for unlimited growth and most importantly, how to implement proven business systems to replace you so that your business can run without you.

If you haven’t seen us live yet or our friendly faces hop on to our YouTube channel BBQ, Bourbon & Business Podcast Show. We record every episode live, so check us out there.

If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to leave us a review. We really appreciate it. And make sure you don’t miss any new episodes. Don’t forget to subscribe to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you prefer to listen to your podcast. Thank you everyone.

L – Good night everyone.


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